Table Top Trade Wind

Layer your graphics & add new panels whenever you need, with a table top Trade Wind.

Table Top Trade Wind Features

  • A Unique Table Top Look

    A smaller version of our floor-standing Trade Wind display, this system is very lightweight, consisting of a pop-up aluminum frame and multiple tension fabric panels that creates a small package for shipping and quick setup and takedown. We recommend a 2 x 2 configuration (pictured) for a 6′ wide table, and a 3 x 2 configuration for an 8′ wide table.

  • Layered Effect

    The graphics are available in several different sizes, from 1 x 1 squares, to 2 x 2 diamonds, and 1 x 2 or 1 x 3 rectangles. Round, black stand-offs on both the front and back of the frame hold the fabric panels in place and create a variety of ways to display each graphic.

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