Fabric Folding Panel

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Fabric Folding Panel Features

  • Multiple Configurations

    The honeycomb cardboard infill of our Fabric Folding Panel provides stability while ensuring the unit is very lightweight. Available in 3- or 4-panel wide configurations, this system also includes options for adding a matching header unit as well as an additional base to convert to a floor-standing display.

  • Double-Sided

    The Velcro-compatible fabric is available in a variety of colours. The entire display can be purchased with a single fabric colour, or with an alternate colour for the back side of the unit. 

  • 2 Minute Setup

    Setup for the Fabric Folding Panel is easy; the Velcro-on graphics remain attached to the display, so it’s as simple as removing the unit from its  canvas carry bag, unfolding the three or four wings, and stacking the optional header along the top.

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