Wave Tube Serpentine

Show up at your next event with a very distinctive look: choose our Serpentine Wave Tube.

Wave Tube Serpentine Features

  • A Look Like No Other

    Stand out from the crowd with a Serpentine Wave Tube setup. As the name suggests, the frame creates an “S” shaped footprint, creating a look that is unlike most other display on the show floor. Despite its unique look, this display is just as easy to set up as any other Wave Tube display, and is available in 10ft and 20ft widths. All Wave Tube options ship in a wheeled carry bag.

  • Lightweight & Easy to Setup

    Combining some of the best features of today’s fabric display systems, the Wave Tube is economical, easy to transport and very simple to setup. The lightweight aluminum frame is assembled in minutes, without tools, and a fitted stretch-polyester fabric is zipped close around it.

  • Stretch-Fit Fabric

    The fabric is a dye-sublimation print, providing very high-quality image resolutions, and is a tight enough fit on the display to eliminate virtually all wrinkles. This pillowcase-style fabric can also be printed double-sided, making it great for use in a larger exhibit space or as a single display with two different message options.

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