Cartridge Banner Stand

Swap your graphic from show to show, no tools required, with our Cartridge Banner Stand.

Cartridge Banner Stand Features

  • Our top-of-the-line banner stand, both in style and design. What sets the Cartridge Banner Stand apart from the others is the ability to swap the graphic out of the base—easily, quickly and without tools. Simply retract the graphic, pop the end cap off, slide out the graphic cartridge and slide in another one, pop the cap back on and set it up— there you have it, an entirely different graphic presentation.

  • The same ability to easily swap out graphics also makes this a great option for a company with multiple divisions or messages. Purchase one (or a set of three) hardware system, and only the graphic cartridges for different divisions or message. One hardware purchase, multiple graphic options.

  • The pole is telescoping, allowing for different height setups (depending on design) and the unit packs into a soft carry bag. Optional lights can be attached to the back of the unit.

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