Used Displays

Please flip through the gallery to see our current stock! Originating from our rental inventory, or traded in on consignment, these displays are refurbished and in good, working condition. Used hardware with new graphics is a great way to look impressive at your next event, even on a tight budget.

Download our Rental Displays catalogue for FREE!  This is not your grandfather’s rental display.  Our rental exhibits have been individually designed to be cost-efficient and  provide a custom look for each exhibitor—not the out-of-the-box rentals you’ve  seen before. With over 50 customizable options, you can find a rental display  that perfectly suits your business.  Not every exhibitor needs to purchase their display. In fact, for many  exhibitors renting a display may be the best, most cost-effective solution.  Check out our Rental Displays catalogue and find the exhibit that’s right for  you! Download the Rental Displays catalogue!
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