That Lite Thing

If you can stack lego, you can setup a Lite Thing display. Printed vinyl graphics applied directly to Lite Thing panels means assembly is as simple as removing the panels from the crate and stacking them in order—a tool-free setup with round plastic “nodes” locking the corners of each panel into place.

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  • Very Cool

    That Lite Thing is a European product that is new to Canada. It is an extremely versatile and lightweight product, and not something you see regularly on the trade show floor—meaning you’ll stand out from the crowd.

  • Tool-Free

    Vinyl decal graphics are applied directly to Lite panels, and panels are stacked together (requiring no tools) using round connectors called “nodes”. This makes setup very easy—simply stack up the panels in the order they’re labelled, attach accessories to the nodes, and walk away!

  • Changeable

    The vinyl graphics are removable from the Lite panels, so you can reuse your display for years and update your graphics as often as you like. When it’s time to change your messaging, bring in your old Lite display and apply new graphics and messaging. At that point you can also reconfigure your booth layout to achieve a completely new look for a minimal cost.

  • Customize

    Lite panels are available curved or straight, as well as in half and quarter sizes. These different sizes and styles can be combined in hundreds of different ways, so that your display is customized to suit your space, your brand and your message.

  • Two Faces

    Because graphics can be applied to either side of a Lite Thing panel, you can extend the use of your display by applying graphics to both sides. Design your display to incorporate different messaging or branding depending on which panels are facing front, or use double-sided panels in a larger space or meeting area.

  • Get Creative

    A standard Lite Thing graphic is printed to completely cover the Lite panel. Get creative: with our in-house CNC cutter you can think outside the “box” of a Lite panel. We can cut and layer vinyl in any shape onto your panels, and if you start combining textured, patterned or neon vinyls with your printed graphics you’re on track for a truly amazing display.

  • It's Clear

    Create stunning visual depth with graphics mounted to stand-off Plexiglas panels connected to the nodes on your Lite Thing display. Plexiglas panels also provide another opportunity to keep multiple messages on hand for different trade show audiences.

  • Illuminate

    The lighting system for That Lite Thing goes above and beyond the norm of having your lights illuminate your display from above. While that’s still an option, you can do so much more with these lights: they connect through the centre of a node, allowing you to place lights anywhere on the display to highlight any part of your message.

  • Accessorize

    That Lite Thing comes with a wide variety of accessories to complete your display. These include header panels, monitor-mounted panels, monitor stands, counters, doorways, literature holders, shelves and more. Many of these accessories connect to the display through the centre of the “node”, meaning you can move them around from show to show.

  • Lock It Up

    If your booth space requires locking storage, no problem. That Lite Thing offers panels with built-in locking doors, which can be connected into a podium, kiosk or backwall the same as any other Lite panel and instantly creates a lockable space.

  • Pack It Up

    That Lite Thing ships in wheeled road cases, with the interior slotted specifically to hold and protect the panels from damage. A tray floats above the panels for holding accessories and nodes. No worries about how to pack the display so everything fits: everything has its place.

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