With plastic conubes that twist and lock aluminum extrusion into place, Gridline achieves a custom look without a custom budget. The tool-free frame can be a custom or standard configuration, and everything packs down into plastic shipping cases.

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  • Tool-Free

    Gridline is a tool-free setup. The straight and curved extrusions are finished with a cross-shaped end cap that fits perfectly into the square plastic connector and twists 45° to lock in place. Assembly is a simple matter of twisting horizontal and vertical beams into the connectors and attaching your graphics and lights.

  • Vibrant Graphics

    Gridline graphics are printed in-house to a white polyester film, and our carefully chosen face laminate is textured—reduces glare without dulling the graphics—ensuring our graphics are rich & vibrant. An 11mil light-blocking back laminate reduces any visible shadowing, and the panels attach magnetically to the Gridline hardware. These rollable graphics make setup easy, and shipping simple and compact.

  • Podium Conversion

    Many of our standard Gridline configurations, designed to fit into a 10′ x 10′ booth space, pack into a single oval shipping case and can include a graphic and laminate top to convert the case into a podium. Of course, you can always go with a matching Gridline Podium for an option that includes shelf space!

  • Built for You

    Any style, size and shape of display you have in mind can be designed and built from Gridline. Sit down with our designers and plan out what you need and what you want. We’ll provide 3D concepts so we can work together to plan and build the perfect display for your company.

  • Ready to Roll

    With many different Gridline configurations already designed, it’s easy to start with an existing layout, adjust the hardware to suit your needs, and customize your graphics and colours. Check out the galleries to get started!

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