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If a portable display doesn’t suit your needs, no problem. With our on-site carpentry shop and in-house exhibit designers, we can model, design and build the perfect custom display for your next event.

Download our Rental Displays catalogue for FREE!  This is not your grandfather’s rental display.  Our rental exhibits have been individually designed to be cost-efficient and  provide a custom look for each exhibitor—not the out-of-the-box rentals you’ve  seen before. With over 50 customizable options, you can find a rental display  that perfectly suits your business.  Not every exhibitor needs to purchase their display. In fact, for many  exhibitors renting a display may be the best, most cost-effective solution.  Check out our Rental Displays catalogue and find the exhibit that’s right for  you! Download the Rental Displays catalogue!
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  • Limitless

    Custom Built displays are designed and constructed to meet the vision you have in mind for your exhibit—no matter what that vision is. Our design and fabrication teams start with concepts to illustrate your ideas, and our in-house print and construction departments bring your vision to life. There are no limits to what we can build!

  • Under Control

    Because we do all of the construction work ourselves, we have complete control over how your exhibit comes together. More than that, if any concerns or questions arise during the fabrication, our entire team—sales, designers and printers—are on hand to help. You’ll know your display is built right and under control, right here in Calgary.

  • More Than an Exhibit

    If you want to incorporate a waterslide into your exhibit, we can do it. Our team is capable of more that “just” an exhibit—we can make your display a fully interactive experience your audience won’t soon forget. We can work out all the engineering, plumbing, electrical and mechanical components needed to build the experience you want.

  • Vibrant Graphics

    When it’s time to add graphics to your Custom Built exhibit we’ve got you covered. Our design and production teams can incorporate vibrant, in-house printed graphics into your display, as well as eye-catching components like custom lighting, backlighting, water features, and 3D graphics & text.

  • Build It, And They Will Come

    The graphics added to your Custom Built exhibit help sell your brand, but your display is about more than that. No matter what you want to incorporate, we can do it: faux rock siding, laminates, textured vinyls, windows, sliding doors, a second storey, a waterfall, a ballpark… Whatever you need to help sell your products or highlight your brand.

  • Get Technical

    Technology is a huge part of today’s trade show industry. With a Custom Built exhibit we can incorporate the technology needed to bring your ideas to life, right from the ground up. When you’re not limited by an standard display structure, anything is possible: huge monitors, built-in audio systems, video walls, holographs, and interactive demo stations.

  • Quality & Craftsmanship

    Our Custom Built exhibits are impeccable. We use the best materials for the job, we have the knowledge to build it right, and we spend the time required to make your display look perfect. We don’t create the “build and burn” type of exhibit constructed from flimsy particle board, a can of paint and bucket of nails. We’re proud of every piece we produce, and it shows. 

  • Available to Rent

    Every Custom Built display is a unique build, but not everyone needs a display more than once. We have several Custom Built displays in our inventory available to rent: simply update with your own graphics and you’re ready to go. Talk to our sales team today about our Custom Built rental options!

  • In Your Space

    We’re trade show experts, but that’s not all we do! Our fabrication team can build a custom space for your office or retail environment, something unique to your business and designed from the ground up to exactly suit your needs. 

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