Get your monitor up while keeping sight lines open around your display with our Elite stand.

Elite Features

  • Part of our Octanorm line of exhibits, our Elite Monitor Stand is completely customizable. The standard Elite setup includes a monitor mounting bracket, post and three feet, literature holder, shelf, and a decorative top. It packs into a single Starlight case, with wheels and handles for easy transport, and is a standard part of our rental inventory.

  • Accessorize

    The Elite Monitor Stand is completely customizable to suit your needs. We can add ten literature holders if you need them. Different shelf options are available, as well as iPad holders. We can also add graphics directly to the post using clips or buttons, or powder coat the aluminum finish to a colour of your choice. Have something even more complex in mind? Check out our Custom Monitor Stands.

  • Up to 42" Monitor

    The Elite stand can support up to a 42″ monitor before we need to start adding more hardware for support. Monitors are not included, but we can source the purchase for you and we offer rental monitors with built-in DVD players. Generally, the monitor is not included within the same shipping case as the stand hardware, and is either boxed or shipped in a Monitor Case.

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