Literature Holders

Make your booth space more inviting: remove the tables and showcase your company’s literature with a literature holder. All of our options are compact and portable.

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Accordion Literature Holder

  • 6 Pockets
  • Silver or Black Finish
  • Hard Shipping Case
  • Ships at 25lbs (11.3kg)
  • The Accordion is a six-pocket, double sided, aluminum stand with a smooth-glide base that makes setup and take down easy. The Accordion allows you to pack up without removing the literature from the display. It is available in both black and silver finishes, and it accordion-folds down into a hard carry case with handle.

Straight Up Literature Holder

  • 4 Pockets
  • Silver or Black Finish
  • Canvas Carry Bag
  • Ships at 19lbs (8.6kg)
  • As with the Accordion, you can leave your literature in the pockets of the Straight Up during shipping, reducing your setup time. The Straight Up cantilevers to a compact, portable size and fits into a small soft carry case. It is available in silver or black finishes.

Innovate Literature Holder

  • 10 Pockets
  • Silver Finish
  • Canvas Carry Bag
  • Ships at 18lbs (8.2kg)
  • The Innovate is a snap to assemble, shipping in a soft carry bag in three separate pieces. It is lightweight, has a sleek, curved design, silver finish, and includes 10 literature pockets—yet is as compact as most 4-pocket systems!

Promo Literature Holder

  • 4 or 8 Pockets
  • Clear Plastic Finish
  • Canvas Carry Bag
  • Ships around 4lbs
  • One really great feature of the Promo Literature Holder is that the front of each pocket is a clear plastic, which allows you to showcase your entire brochure—unlike other display racks, where some portion of the material is hidden by the pocket hardware. The back of the Promo Literature Holder is a silver mesh, and the entire lightweight unit rolls up into a small carry bag for transport. It is available in four-pocket or eight-pocket setups.

Mesh Literature Holder

  • 4 or 8 Pockets
  • Black Finish
  • Canvas Carry Bag
  • Ships around 4lbs
  • This unit is one of our most compact options, whether you’re looking at the four- or eight-pocket versions. The black plastic mesh rolls up tightly and fits into a small, cylindrical soft carry bag. The slim foot and 3-piece, shock-corded support pole slip into the centre of the bag and the entire unit weighs mere pounds—perfect for shipping with the rest of your booth without taking up extra weight or space!

Premium Literature Holder

  • 4 or 8 Pockets
  • Aluminum or Frosted Plexiglas Finish
  • Canvas Carry Bag
  • Ships around 18 - 30lbs
  • On the high end of quality and craftsmanship, the Premium Literature Holder is available in a sleek silver finish or a soft, frosted Plexiglas. Both are available in four- or eight-pocket configurations, which include a narrow extrusion on the side of each pocket to prevent literature from sliding off the display. A latch on the back of the unit allows each section to slide downwards, compacting the shelves together and allowing the entire display to fit into a small backpack for transport.

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