Hanging Signs

Draw attention to your booth space from across the entire exhibition hall with an overhead hanging sign. Lightweight and easy to assemble, hanging signs can be creatively shaped, sized and layered to make your display stand out from the crowd.

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  • Pick a Size

    With widths ranging from 8ft to 15ft, and heights from 2ft to 4ft, the size you need for your exhibit is definitely available. Think about your current booth size, and when you might want a larger or smaller space when planning for your hanging sign.

  • Easy Assembly

    Our Hanging Sign frames are lightweight alumnium, shock-corded together, with the tension fabric graphic simply zipping around it like a pillowcase. Grommet-protected holes allow steel cables to connect to the frame, from which the entire unit is hung from the ceiling.

  • Two is Better than One

    Printing your graphics on only the outside of your hanging sign helps draw in crowds from a distance, but by simply added a double-sided print you can add extra branding or messaging visible to your visitors from inside the booth space. Reversing the interior design is a great way to add impact.

  • Get Creative

    A hanging sign can be so much more than a simple halo! Getting creative with layering two or more signs, signs of different shapes, or open and enclosed signs, will be sure to make your display stand out from the crowd.

  • Enclose It

    Your hanging sign doesn’t have to be open on the bottom. Create a ceiling in your space with a closed underside on your hanging sign, and instantly add more impact within your booth space.

  • Light It Up

    Enclosed hanging signs create a unique opportunity to ensure your sign stands out from any others at the show: backlighting. With a backlit sign in your booth space you also create a beautiful ambient lighting effect over your display.

  • Customize It

    While we promote the circular, square and triangular hanging signs, they are by no means the end of our options. Other options, like the Pinwheel, are available in standard sizes, and we can also custom build a hanging sign to suit any dimension and shape you need.

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